Our First Meeting


After collaborating online number of times, We group members finally decided to meet in person with each other. Most of us are Software Engineers and every one was busy in day so we took a time around 8:45 PM in the evening.

The purpose of meeting was to give introduction to our group, our future plans (immediate and long terms) and decision for co-author of our blog . I myself personally speak up that why I wanted this group and those who come to attend meeting were really passionate about it.

Another main goal of meeting was to decide a permanent location and time of bi-monthly meetings. So I personally asked the most suitable time for every one and we finally decided to meet on odd Mondays of each month at FAST- National University Karachi City Campus, where Microsoft Innovation Center is also located, around 7:30 PM.

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I also propagate my discussions with MVP Mr. Wajahat Abbas to other group members and so far what are our plans and ask for group members to give suggestions as well. Every body participated actively. We also discuss about our immediate plan of session on Microsoft Certifications which I’ll be delivering personally at DeXpert, KalSoft.

We intend to arrange Seminar at University of Karachi as our next major event. For that we will be discussing with M. Saqib (INETA Country Leader) and others. Further we are seeking volunteers from Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi to help us arrange the event.

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The Active participants were Adil Mughal (me, Group Leader), M. Samar Jamil, Salman Aziz, Umair Zafar, Danish  Sultan and Aftab Hafeez.

I also asked them for those who wanted to be co-author with me on blog so Danish Sultan and Salman Aziz were ready to so. I also asked them to provide suggestions related to group, events and blog.

Finally, I appreciate their passion and interest for the group and thank them for joining and taking out time from their busy schedule.

That’s all for today. Keep in touch because we are soon going to announce bunch of events at Universities and Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi.

Thanks you,

Adil Ahmed Mughal

“Emerging .NET Devs” User Group Leader



3 Responses to Our First Meeting

  1. wajahatabbas says:

    Congrats Adil for the first show.

    I am postive that these kind of activities will not only benificial for the developers/ students but for everyone.. even the contributors..

    As a human being and a good professional, we must share our learning, and this is how societies collarabate and grow.

    Best luck & Wishes for your Group.

    Just one advice, that we have many groups intiated in different frame of time, but they vanished with the same speed. I would advice you to focus on any one thing, which no other is doing. Like activities focused on Data Access with MS Technologies, or workflow or anything you like.

    This will help you to avoid duplication of work, and also will make you specialize in one direction. This kind of strategy is required.

    My help, prayers, and support is always with you.

    Kind Regards.
    Wajahat Abbas

  2. Adil Mughal says:

    Thanks Alot! for your suggestions. We will make sure to consider your point in the upcoming meeting of our group and our future plans. Thanks alot for your support.

    Adil Mughal

  3. Zain says:

    Nice to see the blogpost Adil – I will definitely try to catch up when I am back. Going forth with the focus that Wajahat mentioned, I think we need to sit and think for our common interest, either it be Data access or some other specific portion of MS technologies – as Wajahat puts it in.


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