Session on Microsoft Certifications at DeXpert, KalSoft


We recently arranged a seminar on ‘Microsoft Certifications’ at DeXpert, KalSoft. The targeted audience were developers. The presentation was given by Adil Mughal.

AdilPresenting1The purpose of seminar was to introduce Microsoft Certification program to developers with  special focus on Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) track for Visual Studio 2008.

The exam(s) required to become MCTS in different areas were told to the audience. We also discussed the pre-requisites for different exams and guidelines were provided for preparation of exam, based on individuals’ experiences.

Lastly, Exam 70-536 was given emphasis as it is pre-requisite to all the papers of MCTS VS 2008. The presenter shed light on the overview of this exam, the skills that are measured in this exam and the preparation material available for MCTS 70-536.








The seminar was open for all the .NET Developers and free registration was required to attend it.

That’s it for this event. You can read details regarding Microsoft Certifications at Adil Mughal’s blog. Please join our group in order to get informed for future events.

Emerging .NET Devs is an INETA registered user group and keen to arrange seminars, events and workshops for both students and developers.

Have a great time!


2 Responses to Session on Microsoft Certifications at DeXpert, KalSoft

  1. Hadi says:

    Adil,it’s nice to see that u r sharing ur knowledge and experience with others.Good going!TC

  2. Adil Mughal says:

    Thanks hadi for your kind words. Infact you can do it too. Also if you want to do it through our group, why don’t u come and join us in the upcoming meeting 🙂


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