Meeting at MIC for Seminar at UoK

It’s been very exciting meeting at Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) on Monday as announced earlier. Members really showed their full participation and I personally appreciate their interest in contributing to the community. We talked more specifically about the seminar at University of Karachi (UoK) and in particular members were invited to give their ideas on what, when and where.

Adil Speaking

 Hadi Speaking

The tentative schedule decided for the event is 28th Feb’09 which is Saturday and the seminar will be of 2-3 hours probably. The members was passionate to throw ideas of the topic of presentation and how to keep the audience informed and create their interest in seminar.

Samar Speaking  Umair Speaking

Further the speakers were finalized and they will be email shortly to confirm the scheduled dates. INETA CSKU group has also been informed regarding the seminar and they are more than willing to participate and contribute in the event. We will surely held a meeting either formal or informal with INETA CSKU members for the arrangement of event.

Looking forward for a successful event. I personally thanks to all group members for participating actively.


One Response to Meeting at MIC for Seminar at UoK

  1. Zain says:

    I will be glad to hear what the group is planning/has planned for the UoK event. It can be a series of event, 2-3 events, since delivering and wrapping some topic in just one go might be tough. But whatever the case, it will be beneficial for the students getting an insight of the industry.

    Cheers guys!

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