Microsoft Enterprise Tech Talk – Introduction to WCF


We recently had an Introductory session on Windows Communication Foundation at Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi – Pakistan (20th Mar’ 09).

The targeted audience were industry professionals and the goal was to demonstrate them making WCF services. Adil Mughal was invited as speaker. Following was the agenda of the session:Adil

  • Background
  • What is WCF?
  • WCF Service Model
  • Creating a WCF Service
    • Contract
    • Binding
    • Address
  • Hosting Services
  • Creating and Invoking WCF Clients
  • Configurable Endpoints
  • Migration and Performance Issues Audience

The session was followed by Q & A in which audience were very keen to ask question related to migration from ASMX to WCF. The speaker shared some of his experience using WCF services with the audience as well.

In collaboration with Microsoft Community Partner, We are soon going to announce another session on “Exploring WCF Features” in which we will see the demo of some features that ship with WCF.

We would like to thank all the participants for their valuable time and interest.


Microsoft Enterprise Tech Talk

Dear Professional,

It gives me pleasure to invite you to the Microsoft Enterprise TechTalk taking place at the Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC), Pakistan.

Date:  Friday 20th March, 2009

Time:  5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Location:  Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC), Pakistan located at FAST National University – City Campus
22-G, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi.


Adil Mughal is currently working as Development Officer at Telenor Pakistan. Earlier he was working as Software Engineer at KalSoft Ltd, he was part of core development team of a Business Process Management Suite. He is Microsoft Certified Professional and Professional Member of ACM. He is also leading International .NET Association (INETA) user group, Emerging .NET Devs

Seminar Agenda:

5:00        Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Presentation & Demo

6:15        Q & A


Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) provides a unified framework for rapidly building service-oriented applications that makes it easy to build and consume secure, reliable, and transacted Web services. It unifies the capabilities in ASMX, WSE, Remoting, COM+, and MSMQ; therefore developers need to learn only one programming model.

  • Overview of WCF
  • WCF Contracts
  • Creating WCF Service
  • Hosting WCF Service
  • Creating and Invoking WCF Clients
  • Configurable Endpoints
  • Customizing Bindings
  • Exceptions and Faults
  • User Level Security

I look forward towards your participation in this significant seminar !

Training Postponed!

The two days training of C# at IBA on 14th and 16th March, 2009 has been postponed due to some reason from IBA. The next schedule will be announced later.

Adil Mughal

Introductory Training of C# (2 Days) at IBA


Microsoft Community Partner and Microsoft Student Partner- IBA along with Emerging .NET Devs, INETA User Group, are arranging two day training session of C# at IBA (, City Campus, Karachi on 14th and 16th March 3 PM.

Topic: Getting Started with Visual C# IDE and C#

Audience: Undergraduate Students with Computer Science background

Speaker: Adil Mughal

If you are interested in attending the event, Please register yourself by sending email to Osama Khan

Looking forward for your participation

Have a fantastic day!

Visual Studio 2010 CTP


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP) is available to download after PDC 2008. Microsoft is currently providing Virtual Machine(VM) hard disk to be run on Microsoft Virtual PC SP1. The first look of VS 2010 shows you a new good looking start page built on WPF, which can be customized as well 🙂


There are plenty of features coming in C# 4.0 which we will discuss in the coming posts. For now, If you are interested in getting first look of the upcoming technology you can download it from Visual Studio 2010 CTP Feedback Home. The download size is very large, around 7 GB, make sure you use some download utility for that. There are plenty of tips and suggestions are posted for downloading and using CTP but here I will recommend you to visit following links before using CTP:

Also there is also a video available on Channel 9 which will help you in working with the Visual Studio 2010 CTP.

Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition

Visual Studio Express Edition are freeware tools by Microsoft that are lightweight versions of Visual Studio. These are basically easy to learn IDEs for students and hobbyists. They are free of charge and provide most features required for development as they are in Visual Studio.

Following products are available:

  • Visual C# 20xx Express Edition
  • Visual Basic 20xx Express Edition
  • Visual C++ 20xx Express Edition
  • Visual Web Developer 20xx Express Edition
  • SQL Server 20xx Express Edition

You can download these from Microsoft express edition website which is also cool and it’s on silverlight.

Express Edition Website

Though there are some limitations of express edition, overall they are good enough if you are interested in coding as hobby, fun or small level project.