Pearson Education User Group Program


Dear Group Members,

Emerging .NET Devs is committed to bring developers’ community different benefits from time to time. It is pleasure for me to announce that our user group (UG) has been qualified for the Pearson Education User Group Program.  


  • Discount Code: Official User Groups will receive up to 35% off every purchase on and our partner imprint sites ( and!
  • Safari Books Online Subscription Discount: Exclusive 15% discount for User Group members on annual subscriptions purchased in 2009. You must be a registered InformIT User Group Member to receive the discount.

The details about the program will be discussed in the upcoming UG meeting and flyers will also distributed containing Discount Code for members. You can also request for the discount coupon via email adil.mughal@live.com_no_spam.

Also, if you are interested in reviewing books. Please introduce yourself to me at adil.mughal@live.com_no_spam.

If you are not member of this group, you can join us any time. It’s Free and it’s Open. You can join us on Facebook and/or Yahoo Groups. Next UG meeting will be announced shortly, join us in meeting and share your brilliant ideas with us.


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