Wrox User Group Program

Wrox Press is committed to supporting the programming community. As part of that commitment, we have developed the Wrox User Group Program to support the efforts of user groups- Wrox

Emerging .NET Devs is now sponsored by Wrox User Group Program. This program offers discount coupons, review copy of books, door prizes and swag.

About Emerging .NET Devs

Emerging .NET Devs is a registered user group under International .NET Association (INETA). The group is committed to a vision of disseminating information through lecture in events, sessions and to enable the developer community to collaborate with each other.

If you are passionate about technology? Do you want to grasp the Ins-and-Outs of the .Net Platform? Then this is right place for you. Join us on Facebook and/or Yahoo Group to participate further!

Emerging .NET Devs is sponsored by many organizations such as Microsoft, INETA, Pearson Education, Wrox and O’Reilly etc.

Step in to gear up with .Net Platform!

Adil Mughal
User Group Leader


2 Responses to Wrox User Group Program

  1. Syed Fahad Abbas says:

    Is there a registration fees for attending the meeting?

    • Adil Mughal says:

      All our User Group (UG) meetings are OPEN and FREE. We always look forward for new people, new volunteers, new energy and new ideas 🙂
      Surving the developers’ community and sharing knowledge is our purpose. Looking forward to meet you on 26th May at Microsoft Innovation Center.

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