Registration For Volunteers

DevNext and Emerging .NET Devs, both registered under International .NET Association (INETA), are working in collaboration to organize several events, sessions and workshops at different universities and Microsoft Innovation Center.
As user groups are based on volunteers, We are currently accumulating and formalizing list of Volunteers as Executers, Speakers, Book Reviewers, Designers etc.
Are you passionate about technology? Do you have feeling to serve the community? Do you spend most of the time with PC? Are you an active blogger? do you like designing graphics? Do you feel its fun organizing tech events? Here is a chance for you to contribute to the community… Get yourself Register and stand out in the crowd…
So what we offer in return? Volunteers are not paid that’s why they are volunteers, they are working for their passion 🙂 but from time to time we distribute goodies / giveaways to our volunteers. The biggest advantage is that you will get in touch with tools and technologies.

Click here to register yourself as volunteer!

Note: Those who are already volunteer of either DevNext or Emerging .NET Dev also need to register themselves


One Response to Registration For Volunteers

  1. Mobeen Ahmed says:

    I would like to Review .net 3.0 with AJAX so if any possibility do remember me:)

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