June UG Meeting Summary

AdnanOnSilverlight I would like to Thank every single one of you who attended our monthly meeting held on June 23rd, 2009 at Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi. As we announced couple of weeks ago about June Meeting on Silverlight that we invited Adnan Amin (MCPD and MCT) as speaker. On behalf of Emerging .NET Devs, I would like to thank  Adnan for taking out some time to share your knowledge on Silverlight. Hopefully we will continue some sessions on   Silverlight. Following was the overall agenda of the meeting:

  • AdnanExplainingIntroduction to Silverlight by Adnan Amin
    • Current application development practice in the Industry
    • New development model, “The XAML Way”
    • Microsoft Silverlight
    • Embedding Sivlerlight apps into current applications
  • Refreshment
  • Silverlight Demo by Adnan Amin

A noticeable thing this time was that there were number of students in the audience and I got a positive feedback from them. Almost everyone of them is willing to attend the next session. 


Adnan highlighted some of the issues in the current development practices and how Silverlight ease those issues by bringing Designers and Developers together on single platform.

The history of Silverlight and its architecture was also discussed in the session and audience showed their interest through Q&A.

The speaker also shared his experiences regarding web application development with and without Silverlight and how they make their customer satisfied using Silverlight.


Another main point on the agenda was to discuss the importance of User Groups and the purpose of User Group Meetings. Following were the main points that were discussed as Purpose of UG Meetings:

  • Learning
  • Networking
  • Sharing
  • Job Opportunities
  • DSCN0255Meet Experts
  • Solution to Problems

The audience raised number of questions related to advantages of UG meetings and some of them was answered by audience as well 🙂

Finally, I would like to thank people at Microsoft Innovation Center specially Haseeb and others for arranging necessary accommodation and equipment for carrying out the event smoothly.

Those who attended the event, please take out few minutes to fill the feedback form. Your feedback will help us improve in the future. To fill the feedback form, please click here.


5 Responses to June UG Meeting Summary

  1. Adnan Amin says:

    Good job Adil, very well written, I can only say that u have done a wondrful job. U have written all the areas dicussed in the UG meeting. The most amazing thing is that u rember alll the ponts which were discussed in that session. Its really very imprssive. Good work. keep up going.

  2. Fahad Ali says:

    The user group meeting was great , very useful and informative as well. specially the way Adnan Amin delivered presentation on Microsoft Silverlight was very good. And even he tried well to discuss some basic concepts as well which helped beginners lot.

  3. Namrah Arif says:

    I had a great time at the meeting…Starting the discussion from the basics helped us undersatnd as how to use Silverlight effectively…and Sir Adnan Amin presented it very well…I hope to attend more sessions in future!! 🙂

  4. Ali says:

    The session was very informative & learning. In the future I want to attend more sessions. Kindly update me of all the sessions you will organized.

  5. The session was very informative & learning. In the future I want to attend more sessions. Kindly update me of all the sessions you will organized.


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