Microsoft Certifications discount vouchers available‏!

In coordination with Adnan Amin (MCT), Emerging .NET Devs yet again bring Discount Vouchers* for our group members, valid at Prometric Centers for Microsoft Certifications!

Discount coupons are limited and are based on first come first serve basis.  For details, please click here

If you are not a member of Emerging .NET Devs then what are you waiting for? It’s Free and it’s Open. Join us on Facebook and/or Yahoo Group to get updates and participate in the upcoming events.

Step in to gear up with .Net Platform!

*The voucher is redeemable for one Microsoft Certification Exam delivered at an Authorized Prometric Testing Center™. The voucher expires June 30, 2010. You must take your Microsoft Certification Exam prior to this date.


One Response to Microsoft Certifications discount vouchers available‏!

  1. Shakil Ahmed says:

    Hi Adil,
    Can i get this voucher now.I’ll be thankful to you if it is arranged.

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