Book Review: Professional ASP.NET AJAX 3.5 – Wrox

Pro ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX - Wrox There are many books available on topics like ASP.NET & AJAX. The book that I read is titled “Professional ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX” from Wrox. Its written by four .Net experts: Bill Evjen, Matt Gibbs, Dan Wahlin and Dave Reed. I found this book very easy to understand as it gives in-depth explanation of every topic covered in the book. Although Bill Evjen wrote on his blog that: “This book is aimed at experienced ASP.NET developers looking to add AJAX to their applications, and experienced Web developers who want to move to using ASP.NET and AJAX together.”  But I can say that this book can be helpful for all levels of readers having basic knowledge of ASP.NET.

To begin with, Chapter 1 “Overview of AJAX” explains need, benefits and libraries. Following chapters cover other topics like JavaScript for ASP.NET, ASP.Net AJAX Client library, ScriptManager and so on. Chapter 7 gives a thorough explanation of AJAX Toolkit from downloading & installing to using the controls in your web-application. Despite of vast material written against every single control, I would also recommend tutorial videos for a better understanding.

The book continues to cover State Management (explaining sessions, cookies, view-states in a simplified manner with easy-to-understand examples), Testing & Debugging and in the last Deployment of ASP.NET AJAX Application.

Over all the book is well-written with well-organized contents. Reading technical books is usually (or normally) too dry and boring, but the authors of this books knew how to keep the readers interested in reading it. I would conclude by saying that it’s a good book to add up in your collection to learn ASP.NET AJAX fast.

About Reviewer:

Tooba Zafar works at Telenor Pakistan and primarily involved in development of business websites using ASP.NET 3.5. She graduated in Computer Science/Information Technology from NED University.

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July UG Meeting Summary

On 28th July, 2009, We held another successful User Group Meeting on web 2.0 with ASP.NET, with major focus on jQuery. We would like to thank Mr. M. Fahad, Director Engineering Folio3, for taking out time and delivering a fantastic show on jQuery with ASP.NET. We would also like to thank every single participant for making the event successful and we look forward to see them in the next UG meeting in August.

The event was sponsored by Microsoft and Wrox.

mslogo-1                    wrox_4c


FahadThe event started by Fahad with the current trends in web and how the user experience has changed over the internet. Fahad talked about the current tools and libraries available in the market such as Silverlight/Flash along with some client side scripting using jQuery, YUI etc.

The overall emphasis of the session was to use jQuery with ASP.NET in order to build rich and interactive user experience.


The speaker demonstrates some of the simple usage of jQuery like dialog window, Calendar control, Drag gable Panel and how we can utilize jQuery and CSS with ASP.NET server controls or simple HTML controls.

 fahad            Attendees          DSC00399


Adil Mughal (MVP) on UGFinally, I talked about the User Group, the benefits and some future plans about Emerging .NET Devs. The purpose of this 10-15 min talk was to promote the User Group culture in Pakistan and free knowledge sharing among peers.

In the end, once again, I would like to thank speaker and sponsors in particular Wrox for sending out writing pads and badges for the meeting, which we distributed to participants in the start of the session, and also Microsoft for their support for our User Group.

For those who attended the show, please provide feedback here.