Book Review: Professional ASP.NET AJAX 3.5 – Wrox

Pro ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX - Wrox There are many books available on topics like ASP.NET & AJAX. The book that I read is titled “Professional ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX” from Wrox. Its written by four .Net experts: Bill Evjen, Matt Gibbs, Dan Wahlin and Dave Reed. I found this book very easy to understand as it gives in-depth explanation of every topic covered in the book. Although Bill Evjen wrote on his blog that: “This book is aimed at experienced ASP.NET developers looking to add AJAX to their applications, and experienced Web developers who want to move to using ASP.NET and AJAX together.”  But I can say that this book can be helpful for all levels of readers having basic knowledge of ASP.NET.

To begin with, Chapter 1 “Overview of AJAX” explains need, benefits and libraries. Following chapters cover other topics like JavaScript for ASP.NET, ASP.Net AJAX Client library, ScriptManager and so on. Chapter 7 gives a thorough explanation of AJAX Toolkit from downloading & installing to using the controls in your web-application. Despite of vast material written against every single control, I would also recommend tutorial videos for a better understanding.

The book continues to cover State Management (explaining sessions, cookies, view-states in a simplified manner with easy-to-understand examples), Testing & Debugging and in the last Deployment of ASP.NET AJAX Application.

Over all the book is well-written with well-organized contents. Reading technical books is usually (or normally) too dry and boring, but the authors of this books knew how to keep the readers interested in reading it. I would conclude by saying that it’s a good book to add up in your collection to learn ASP.NET AJAX fast.

About Reviewer:

Tooba Zafar works at Telenor Pakistan and primarily involved in development of business websites using ASP.NET 3.5. She graduated in Computer Science/Information Technology from NED University.


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