Book Review: Professional Silverlight 2 for ASP.NET Developers – Wrox

277751 cover.inddTitle: Professional Silverlight 2 for ASP.NET Developers

Authors: Jonathan Swift, Salvador Alvarez Patuel, Chris Barker, Dan Wahlin

ISBN: 978-0-470-27775-1


I really had a good experience while reading the book because the authors have used great style of writing to involve users more as if I am in a discussion on the topics and written the concepts in a simple and straight forward way. The book is structured well and the chapter layout really supported a learning curve of a new technology.

I was really surprised to see the level of depth to describe the bits and pieces of the architecture and knowledgebase for Silverlight and this also strengthen concepts of .NET as well. Here is what I found while skimming cautiously through the book.

The book, first of all, provides reasons why we should move on to build web with Silverlight? What impact it will have on existing application if we use in existing apps? And then you can find in detail about how to properly build the understanding regarding the Silverlight architecture. It also has details on platforms and Silverlight page life cycle. The book also deeply dives in the new the XAML language that is extended from XML and used to declare and initialize UI objects with tagging. Silverlight, JavaScript and DOM manipulation (for novice JavaScript developers) is a good start on JavaScript is written for them.

As it is understood Silverlight controls are of great importance. These are the building blocks of Silverlight which will light up the future RIA web applications. And book has detail on it. We also found details on communication with Silverlight applications- Networking, data processing, Cross-Domain support, service proxies, WCF and ASMX services, REST API’s and services, JSON, sockets, serialization, feeds, and much more. Also good knowledge of LINQ and LINQ to XML is provided. The book has some good content on graphics library classes and also shows different types of animation support in Silverlight.

One thing I found out is that the code provided is really helpful. Overall the book whets a great deal of new concepts to build Silverlight applications.

usergroup_125x125About Reviewer:

Usama Khalil is Development Officer at Telenor Pakistan currently involved in building web applications. Usama is passionate about latest technologies and always eager to improve user experience through different tools. He is an active member of Emerging .NET Devs.