June UG Meeting Summary

On 8th June 2010, we organized another User Group meeting on “Workflow Foundation v4”. We would like to thank Mr. Muhammad Ali Sakhi, Microsoft Certified Trainer, for taking out time and delivering a session at the meeting on Workflow Foundation v4 with Visual Studio 2010. We would also like to thank attendees for making this event very successful. The majority of the participants were from Industry.

The speaker started with the introduction to new features and improvements in Workflow Foundation 4 followed by several demos including our favorite “Hello World” 🙂

Following was the agenda of the session:

  • Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0
  • Building your first Workflow
  • Data-flow in workflows
  • Hosting windows workflow
  • Using the Flowchart in WF 4
  • Introducing Workflow Services

We organized the event in Conference room as per accommodation provided by Microsoft Innovation Center and due to limited space we confirmed registration of limited people based on first come first serve, but we promise to entertain your request in future for sure!

Thank you once gain. If you have attended the event, please fill the feedback form here to help us improve in the future.


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