Event Summary: Oct UG Meeting on Design Principles and Practices

Title SlideIt was fun, exciting and great learning at October 2011 user group meeting on design principles and practices. We had two interactive sessions with developers.

We would like to thank every single one of you who attended the event. Special thanks for speakers (Adil Mughal and Zubair Ahmed), our sponsors (INETA, Pluralsight, PostSharp, Jetbrains Resharper, NimblePros, Wrox) and Microsoft Innovation Center team (especially Jibran and Kamran) for making this possible.

UPDATE:  Slides and demo code have been shared by speakers. Visit the following links to catch the stuff

Session 1 – "Refactoring to SOLID Code”

First session was delivered by Adil Mughal on “Refactoring to SOLID Code”. The session  was all about Object Oriented Principles and how we can refactor our code to apply SOLID principles. Following was the outline of the session


He also discussed about IoC (inversion of control) containers and how we can apply Dependency Inversion Principle using IoC container such as StructureMap.




Session 2 – “Aspect Oriented Programming in .NET using PostSharp”

Zubair demonstrated the power of Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and how PostSharp integrates with Visual Studio/.NET to help developers implement different aspects and cross cutting concerns.



This was the fun time. We distributed a good number of prizes with lucky draw which participants enjoyed really. The giveaways includes

  • 6 Pluralsight Monthly Subscriptions
  • 1 Jetbrains Resharper license
  • 2 PostSharp licenses
  • 4 MicrosoftFeed T-shirts

As Munir Usman visited our event, we invited him to do the lucky draw and distribute prizes. Following are snapshots of some of the winners





So we really hope that this session was fruitful for the participants and you all had good learning time. Please feel free to provide your feedback and suggestions.

Oct UG Meeting on Design Principles and Practices

We are excited to announce October User Group Meeting for developers’ community in Karachi.

Come join us on 29th October to discuss design principles and practices.

Based on the feedback from community we received , we have initiated series of session on Software Design Principles, Practices and Patterns.


Refactoring to SOLID Code [50-60 minutes]

In this session, Adil will discuss about bad design, better design and SOLID Principles. He would also demonstrate how we can refactor our existing code to make them better using Visual Studio 2010 IDE.

Break [10-15 minutes]

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) [50-60 minutes]

In this session Zubair will discuss “Aspect Oriented Programming” paradigm and how PostSharp helps developer to implement AOP in .NET.

Date, Time & Location:

29th October, 2011 – 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM – Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi

Target Audience:

  • Experience of Object Oriented Programming Language such as C++, Java, C#
  • Entry to Mid-level Professionals


Register for October UG Meeting on Design Principles and Practices in Karachi, Pakistan  on Eventbrite

Give Away(s) (via lucky draw)


Adil MughalAdil Mughal is software engineer by passion and profession currently working as Team lead/Architect at Telenor Pakistan. He is Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) for Web.

Besides, day to day job, he is active in offline and online technical community and often participates as speaker in different events. He has been thrice awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft Corporation. He is leading International .NET Association (INETA) user groups, “Emerging .NET Devs” and “DevNext”. He is also author of articles at CodeProject.com. He frequently does blogging at http://www.AdilMughal.com

Zubair AhmedZubair Ahmed is a experienced software developer, he currently works for @OmniaConnect in Dubai, his main area of interest include Software Architecture and improving code quality. He keeps an eye on latest tools and frameworks for building better software solutions, he is also an active participant in technology groups. He shares his technical experience on zubairahmed.net, follow him on http://twitter.com/zubairdotnet