Event Summary: Oct UG Meeting on Design Principles and Practices

Title SlideIt was fun, exciting and great learning at October 2011 user group meeting on design principles and practices. We had two interactive sessions with developers.

We would like to thank every single one of you who attended the event. Special thanks for speakers (Adil Mughal and Zubair Ahmed), our sponsors (INETA, Pluralsight, PostSharp, Jetbrains Resharper, NimblePros, Wrox) and Microsoft Innovation Center team (especially Jibran and Kamran) for making this possible.

UPDATE:  Slides and demo code have been shared by speakers. Visit the following links to catch the stuff

Session 1 – "Refactoring to SOLID Code”

First session was delivered by Adil Mughal on “Refactoring to SOLID Code”. The session  was all about Object Oriented Principles and how we can refactor our code to apply SOLID principles. Following was the outline of the session


He also discussed about IoC (inversion of control) containers and how we can apply Dependency Inversion Principle using IoC container such as StructureMap.




Session 2 – “Aspect Oriented Programming in .NET using PostSharp”

Zubair demonstrated the power of Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and how PostSharp integrates with Visual Studio/.NET to help developers implement different aspects and cross cutting concerns.



This was the fun time. We distributed a good number of prizes with lucky draw which participants enjoyed really. The giveaways includes

  • 6 Pluralsight Monthly Subscriptions
  • 1 Jetbrains Resharper license
  • 2 PostSharp licenses
  • 4 MicrosoftFeed T-shirts

As Munir Usman visited our event, we invited him to do the lucky draw and distribute prizes. Following are snapshots of some of the winners





So we really hope that this session was fruitful for the participants and you all had good learning time. Please feel free to provide your feedback and suggestions.


Event Summary: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate LoadFest

Visual Studio 2010


4th December 2010, we had another exciting event “Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate LoadFest”. The event was held at FAST- National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi. We would like to thank all the organizers, speakers, participants and volunteers for making this event successful. Especially to our speakers Adil Ahmed Mughal, Jibran Jamshed and Munir Usman for their valuable time and attention to this event.


  • What’s New in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate? by Adil Mughal
  • Application Life cycle Management (ALM) by Jibran Jamshed
  • Refreshment
  • Mastering Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 by Munir Usman
  • Lucky Draw [Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN Subscription, Pluralsight  subscription, Microsoft Bag]

    Adil on New IDE ImprovementsThe first session focused more on the new features in Visual Studio 2010 IDE. The speaker started discussion on the New Project Dialog improvements and Start Page customization in Visual Studio 2010 then moving towards Core IDE improvements that includes WPF based editor, easy code navigation, improved IntelliSense, column selection, call hierarchy etc.

    Adil then talked about how Visual Studio supports “Test Driven Development” and Code Focused development approach. Then ASP.NET improvements such as ASP.NET/HTML mark up snippets, Cleaner HTML, automatic HTML encoding were discussed. Finally, Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) was discussed and some powerful/highly rated extensions such as Productivity Power Tools, Power commands etc were demonstrated to the audience.

    Jibran on ALMThe second session was about application life cycle management with major focus on Team Foundation Server 2010.

    Jibran highlighted the issues faced by software development teams in the overall application life cycle and how Team Foundation Server (TFS), along with its numerous features and integration with other tools, can address those issues.

    He also demonstrated creating new team projects, selecting MSF process, code version control, work items and test cases execution against those work items in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and TFS.

    Munir on Debugging in Visual StudioThe third session was on mastering debugging in Visual Studio 2010. The speaker started discussion from basic debugging, such as usage of debugging points, stack trace, immediate window etc, to advance debugging features offered by Visual Studio such as conditional debugging, hit count, filter, macros, data tips, debug labels etc.

    In the end the Munir talked about the historical debugger (IntelliTrace) in Visual Studio 2010 ultimate and demonstrated how useful this feature is for developers.

    In the end goodies were distributed via lucky draw. Following were the winners:

  • Sheeraz Sheikh – Winner of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription
  • Winner of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription
  • Fahad Khan – Winner of 1 Month of free training of Pluralsight on-demand
  • Hassan Zahid – Winner of 1 Month of free training of Pluralsight on-demand
    Adil & Munir - Lucky Draw MVP Bag SpottedVS LoadFestVisual Studio Pamphlet

    For more picture, please visit photo album on Emerging .NET Devs Facebook Page. If you have attended the event, please take out few minutes to fill the feedback form here.

    In the end, we would like to thank our sponsors without them it would not be possible to organize this event. INETA, Wrox, Pluralsight, DevNext, Fast.NET


Event Summary: Windows 7 for Geeks

20th March 2010, we organized first user group event of 2010 “Windows 7 for Geeks” at Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi, Pakistan. We were please to see house full. Thank you all for taking out time to attend the event “Windows 7 for Geeks”.

Overall agenda:

  • Windows 7 Intro and The New Efficiency
  • Windows 7 Features
    • Taskbar
    • Jump List
    • Aero Peak and Tab preview
    • Power Management
  • Windows 7 Touch Demo
  • Programming Windows 7
    • API Code Pack
      • Custom Jump Programming
      • Overlay Icon
      • Progress

The event started with the talk on Windows 7 overview, importance of User Experience and the concept of “The New Efficiency” by Adil Mughal. The speaker discussed that in recent years one thing is primarily focused i.e. user experience and why it is important for your application to utilize capabilities of Windows 7 using API. The speaker also talked about “The New Efficiency” and what does it mean by optimized desktop, optimized server, unified communication and business security.

We then moved to the Windows 7 touch demo by Imran Hussain. Imran demonstrated some cool multi-touch capabilities of Windows 7 including letter recognition, zoom in and out etc. The attendees seems to be very excited looking at the touch capabilities and perhaps it was really exciting stuff.


Followed by Imran, Taimur Asad started talking about Windows 7 API Code Pack available for Managed developers and demonstrated how to program your application to utilize windows 7 features such as Progress Bar in Taskbar Icon, Icon overlay and Jump List.

At the end of Taimur’s talk, Adil resumed on Power Management in Windows 7 and why your application should be energy efficient as well.  Finally in the end there was a lucky draw for Windows 7 Ultimate 🙂 We also distributed two Windows 7 caps and 8 certification discount vouchers (Thanks to Live Tech Pro for vouchers) followed by refreshments.

Winner of Windows 7 Ultimate

After refreshment, we had 15 minutes small discussion with volunteers to encourage them in participating and/or organizing user group activities. Once again we would like to thank every single one of you for attending the event. We look forward to meet you in future events. We would also like to thank Microsoft Pakistan and Microsoft Innovation Center [Karachi] Team for providing us accommodation and special treatment on weekends as well.


If you attended the event, please take out few minutes to fill the evaluation form.

Event: Windows 7 for Geeks

Yes we know you miss us a lot and so does we but the good thing is that we are back with the series of events for you in particular related to Windows 7, .NET Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010.

So here we are with the first User Group event of 2010 “Windows 7 for Geeks”. Come and join us on to talk about Windows 7 from a Developers’ perspective.

Event Date: 20th March, 2010 [Rescheduled and Confirmed]

The registered attendees will be informed accordingly. Rest can still fill the form and we will confirm their registration as per accommodation and space.

Event Timings: 3 PM – 6 PM

Location: Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi

We will not only explore some of the new features of Windows 7 but we will also see some cool ways to program and integrate your application with Windows 7 using Microsoft Windows 7 API for Managed Developers. Using API, developers can take full advantage of the technology, while making it even easier to develop compelling applications.

Give Away(s):

Windows 7 Ultimate 

(1) Genuine Copy of Windows 7 Ultimate

windows 7 cap

(2) Windows 7 Caps


(2) discount voucher on Windows 7 and Server 2008 exams



DP cropped Adil Mughal is working as Development Executive at Telenor Pakistan. He is Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and also Microsoft Certified Professional. He is leading International .NET Association (INETA) user groups, “Emerging .NET Devs” and “DevNext”. He is also author of articles at CodeProject.com. Being active community contributor, he often participates as speaker in different events. He frequently does blogging at http://www.AdilMughal.com

taimurDPTaimur Asad is the owner of RedmondPie.com and Microsoft Student Partner of Bahria University. He is Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Distributed Systems. He is also leading SQL PASS, Karachi Chapter.

RedmondPie.com is a site focused on technology news & views about products/services from Microsoft and its competitors like Apple and Google.


Hurry up seats are limited, If you are interested to attend the event, please fill the form here. You will receive a confirmation email within few days, based on the accommodation and space.

If you have any query, please feel free to ping us at edotnetdevs@live.com. Till then have a great day!

October UG Meeting Summary

MunirAndAdil We had a fantastic show today, 17th October ‘09, on LINQ  organized by Emerging .NET Devs at Microsoft Innovation Center. We would like to thank every single one of you who participated in the event and make the event successful specially to our speakers Adil Mughal (MVP) and Munir Usman (MVP).

The thought behind arranging an event on LINQ was the realization that LINQ is still under utilized in the Software Development Industry specially in the Pakistan.

Following was the agenda of the discussion:

  • Challenges before LINQ
  • Introduction to LINQ
  • Pre-requisite to LINQ (C# 3.0 Features)
  • LINQ to Objects
  • Refreshment
  • LINQ to SQL
  • LINQ to XML

The discussion was started by Munir with the challenges and problems faced by programmers without LINQ. Three major examples were discussed with the audience and they were encouraged to give response on them.

First example was related to issues in accessing data from Database using ADO.NET and the transforming of relational data to objects. Second example was related to the issues in accessing XML followed by issues in sorting, filtering and ordering objects/collections in memory.

The discussion was then continued by Adil, introducing LINQ and C# 3.0 Features such as Automatic properties, Implicitly defined local variables, Object Initializers, anonymous types, lambda expressions, extension methods etc.

The speakers introduced the LINQ syntax, demonstrating LINQ to Objects,initially from simple queries and moving towards complex queries along with the comparison of performing similar task with and without LINQ in order to get through understanding of how LINQ enhances productivity and provides an ease to programmers.

The audience were very keen to ask questions related to LINQ queries and we must say that this was the most interactive audience of our User Group Meetings. Moving forward, Munir continued the discussion on LINQ to SQL and talked about Data Context class, which is automatically generated by Visual Studio. Munir demonstrated the use of LINQ to SQL using famous NorthWind Database.

Munir Usman (MVP)

Finally, we moved towards LINQ to XML and speakers demonstrated how easy it’s to generate XML from data and retrieve data from XML.

The sample code and presentation will be soon uploaded on the Speakers’ blog/website. Once again, thank you all for taking out time. In the last we would like to thank people at Microsoft Innovation Center for helping us out in organizing such event, specially Noman Sohail. We look forward to see you all in the upcoming events. Our next event is on Windows 7, so stay tuned!

Those who attended the show, please take out few minutes to provide us feedback here.

Survey: Preferred Day and Timings for Events


We are conducting a small survey about event timings and day. The results will help us improve in the future.

imageCast your vote Now!, please visit http://tinyurl.com/EventPoll

TechElite Code Camp


bannerDevNext proudly presents to you the TechElite Code Camp that will be held on 4th of May, 2009 at NED University, Karachi. ‘TechElite’ an annual mega IT event has been adding pride to NED University for the past two years. It is an event that has spurred participants from all over Pakistan by acting as a resource of information and inspiration for students and visitors. So, keeping in view our mission of making learning a culture, we will be conducting two seminars during TechElite 2009 from 3 PM to 5 PM at the CIS-Lecture Hall.
First session will be about “Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Tricks” by Adil Mughal. Visual Studio is one of most commonly used IDE for .NET Development. Unfortunately, with many new technologies developers have less time to learn about Visual Studio itself. In this session we will see some of the tips and tricks that will make developers utilize small but powerful features of Visual Studio that will ultimately help them to be more productive.
Second session is all about “SharePoint and DotNetNuke Branding” by Ali Nawaz. The theme of this Session is to increase designer knowledge on User Interface of latest technologies like DotNetNuke, SharePoint Portal. We will discuss about generalized mockup creation, balanced CSS creation, and some tips and tricks.
These sessions are always by and for the developer community and are absolutely FREE. So, if you are willing to attend, kindly register here.

About Adil Mughal
Adil Mughal is currently working as Development Officer at Telenor Pakistan. Earlier he was working as Software Engineer at KalSoft Ltd. He is Microsoft Certified Professional and Professional Member of ACM. He is also leading International .NET Association (INETA) user group, “Emerging .NET Devs”  (https://edotnetdevs.wordpress.com) and often participates as speaker in different events on behalf of INETA and Microsoft. He frequently do blogging at http://adilamughal.blogspot.com

About Ali Nawaz
M. Ali Nawaz is a Computer Science Graduate from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), Karachi. He has been doing web designing since 2003 and currently working on many technologies like, SharePoint Portal MasterPage Designing, DotnetNuke Skining, Module CSS Customization and also working on Internet Marketing SEO & SEM. He is currently working with many DNN Companies as Web DNN SEO Consultant. Over the past 5 years of Professional Experience he designed more than 200 DotNetNuke Skins for the companies like, AliNawaz.com, e-ing Tech Pvt. Ltd., DNN Covered, DNN SEO Consultants, Techno Techs UK, eSoul Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. & CMSSkins.com.